Tuesday, 19 November 2013


Last week my older son Toni and I visited Maribor, second biggest town in Slovenia. To be more specific, I took him for a trial with FC Maribor. Although I've passed through this town many times on my way to Graz or Austrian Alps, this was first time that I strolled through the old part of town or along the river Drava. Maribor is pretty similar to towns in Austria and the rest of Central Europe but then again it has a personal charm. Narrow streets surrounded with old houses, vinyards above the town, Drava river that washed the shore, beautiful churches...We were lucky because we happened to be in Maribor on November 11, St. Martin's Day which is the favorite day a year of the people here. The main square was crowded with lots of people drinking beers or wine and eating sausages and enjoying live music and good vibrations were floating around.
Thanks to our friends Iva and Toma┼ż, Maribor became not just the unimportant place near highway but definitely a must stop by point in the future.

Sunday, 17 November 2013


Although I don't have an inspiration to write anything abou it, I must share with you photos from Copenhagen beacuse this is the one of the most beautiful city I've ever seen. I hope you'll enjoy watching it.

Monday, 14 October 2013


Once it was devided city...today this is second large city in EU and fifth in Europe. Beautiful town with lot of green areas, young people and happiness. Berlin is simply a town which you fall in love with at first sight. If you have some free time, be sure to visit Sanssouci Park and town of Potsdam just a half an hour from the center of Berlin by S-Bahn. Shopping in Berlin is just fantastic and KaDeWe is something you must visit especially if you like extraordinary sweets. Berlin is home to many universities, research institutes, orchestras, museums, and celebrities and is host to many sporting events and is known for its festivals and nightlife with many jazz and blues clubs.