Thursday, 30 May 2013


Last Sunday my sweetheart and me took a walk around the City walls. She did it first time although she's born in Dubrovnik and has been living here all her life. Well, probably there are places that you've never seen and you live just a few minutes away.

Dubrovnik city walls were built in 16th Century in this shape and you must see it if you come here. The walls are 2 Kilometers long but we walked only southern part of it and it took 2 hours because I took 150 photos. I hope that these 8 will just make the whole picture clear to you. Big thanks to Mr. Dove who was my model for 5 minutes although I stood just a few Centimeters next to him.
When I look these pictures and nice weather on them it's hard to believe that only 2 minutes before climbing the walls it was raining.


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