Sunday, 30 June 2013


I Love London! It was summer 1984 when I first visited London. Try to imagine a 16 yers old teen from a socialist country and a small town without Metro, bikers gangs, buses with two levels and many other things who came to such big town as London was. I travelled alone and I stayed at my Mom's friend who was married to a real Englishman and who has two sons and nobody in the house speaks Croatian. It was a true experience. As my English was pretty good I didn't have a problem with communication and even more, I progresed with the language during these three weeks. I fell in love with London right from the start.
After so many years I visited London in November 2007. And since then I was 7 more times there and I met a few excellent guys. We became friends and every time I go to London I have perfect time there so I'm looking forward to my next visiting London next Autumn. I'm so happy that my wife and kids also love this magnificent city. And what's more, my older son is a huge West Ham United supporter.
Oh, I Love London!

Wednesday, 26 June 2013


We definitely didn't have luck with weather in our first visit to Paris – lots of rain and clouds and even it was June we had a feeling like it was October. However, Paris is Paris (so what should it be)...we're gonna come back again to this beautiful city and to warm-hearted people (trust me, people tells lies about Frenchmen as cold and unfriendly).
People on the move make city more vivid and picturesque and dynamic...poor and rich, young and old, leisure and busyness, science and fun, fashion and beauty...or as my friend (she lives in New York) says: London is the same for men as for women Paris.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013


My sweetheart started making bracelets couple months ago. And she's goin' very well with it. These are some photos I took...

Wednesday, 19 June 2013


Last Sunday we were on the island of Solta near Split, mid Dalmatia. I took a few authentic photos from this area: boats, stone houses, pebbles beaches, lavander, seagulls. The weather was warm and sunny, the sea's crystal clear. It's a paradise on Earth. And we surely felt like strangers...