Wednesday, 12 June 2013


JOVANOTTI (Lorenzo Cherubini 27.09.1966. Roma, Italy)

Backup Tour – Lorenzo negli stadi 2013
07.06.2013. Ancona, Italy / Stadio del Conero, 25.000 visitors
Supporting bands: Il Cile + Tre allegri ragazzi morti + Pink is punk (DJ set)

01) Ciao Mamma
02) Megamix
03) Gimme Five
04) Non m'annoio
05) Tensione evolutiva
06) Safari
07) Mezzogiorno
08) La mia moto
09) Serenata rap
10) Tutto l'amore che ho
Ciclo della notte
11) Gente della notte
12) La notte dei desideri
13) La notte dei miracoli
14) Certi notti
15) Una notte in Italia
16) Notte prima degli esami
17) Vecchio frac
18) Ti porto via con me
19) Piove
20) Ora
21) Mi fido di te
22) Le tasche piene di sassi
23) Terra degli uomini
24) Tanto Tanto Tanto
25) Io danzo
26) Muoviti muoviti
27) Una tribu che balla
28) Bella
29) Raggio di sole
30) Baciami ancora
31) Ridera
32) A te
33) Il piu grande spettacolo
34) L'ombelico del mondo
35) Ragazzo fortunato
36) Penso positivo

Two years after my first Jovanotti's concert in Rome nothing's changed: Jova's still an untouchable king of my music world, one of the few bright spots in this busy and cruel life full of lies and dishonest people trapped in their cheap worlds, an alpha and omega of positive energy that gives me the will to live and support my view that love is the only thing worth. Jovanotti is a king in Italy too and that shows his first concert of the summer tour at Italian stadiums gathered 25.000 people in Ancona. Full two and a half hours of singing and dancing and running and jumping on the big stage with the support of the audience really is quite a spectacle. And all this is complemented by extraordinary original movies that have been shown on three large screens behind the stage, at times simply drove to tears. This time was less slow songs than in Rome two years ago but anyway, the show was playful and emotional. Logical was the very end of the concert with Penso positivo because that's the main message of his songs – think positive and the world will be a better place.


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