Tuesday, 23 July 2013


There are thousands of places that you can visit in Rome and there are thousands of secret places more waiting to be discovered. In the "eternal city" there's always something new, so no matter how long you stay in Rome, you'll never get bored. And the city is always crowded with tourists and Romans...even in some small street you'll meet at least one man. The city lives 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Wandering wide streets out of the center or narrow streets of the city at 2:30 in the night, you will breath scents of a past and blend with an overwhelming desire to make Rome your home.

Rome is the eternal city and everyone who finds himself here will remain in the eternity of his own transience. 


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  1. Nice! I see we have brought some pretty much identical photos back from the Eternal city.

    I also enjoyed the city very much. I expected it to be too touristy for my taste but found out it can be everything one wants it to be. Definitely worth another visit if an opportunity arises. :)

    Thanks for dropping me a comment at my blog. You are welcome to check it out again sometime - there are a couple more posts scheduled about Rome.

    Have fun, keep travelling and keep blogging about it!